Making a movie involves teamwork. So does creating a vital writing community. I want to take this thematically appropriate opportunity to point to another blog trying to stitch our writing community together — Green Room, a blog hosted over the Anchorage Daily News, and written by Peter Porco, Mark Muro, Sandy Harper, and Ron Holmstrom. Check out their posts about theater workshops and news, auditions, and so on; I enjoyed a 2/14 post about writing lessons imparted by The Ballad of Soapy Smith author Michael Weller.

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  1. I especially like what Weller says about pacing. Great tie-ins between scripting and novel writing.

  2. I have, she said drearily, had a lot of Hollywood interest in the Kate Shugak series. I’ve even had actual offers, with actual dollar signs in front of them.

    I have turned them all down because of my insistence that the film or the television special or the television series or straight-to-DVD version we are currently negotiating be shot in Alaska, not in Canada or New Zealand or on a backlot in LA.

    I wish H’wood wasn’t so scared of shooting here. It’s a perfect industry for the state, here, make the movie, gone, leaving large wads of cash behind.

  3. Good stand, Dana. Do you think the State Film Office will make a difference in Hollywood’s jitters on filming here? Interested, too, in your take on David’s thoughts about what happens to a story once screenwriters get ahold of it. Assuming the location issue were settled, would you want to be involved in how the story is fitted for the screen? How tough is it to negotiate that sort of involvement? I know writers do, but how many deals go up in smoke instead of lights because of it?

  4. Andromeda Romano-Lax

    Yes, Dana, I’d be interested to hear whether you’d try pursuing an adaptation if the AK film scene heats up this year or next. Would you ever considered writing the screenplay yourself? Or is that just too big a distraction — with those daunting film odds — given your steady success with regular books? Do tell us…

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