A strange, shiny disk in yesterday’s sky. Not to worry – it slipped away before it caused any permanent damage. Hmmm…maybe that’s what those dark shades are for?

Yesterday brought more big news for Alaska. Sarah breathed a big sigh of relief when Uncle Ted got indicted, diverting the pariahs from chewing and re-chewing news of the legislature’s pending investigation of her own possible indiscretions.

And lucky Uncle Ted did his own big exhale when, not an hour after news of his indictment broke, the earth-gods rumbled and shook the ground near L.A., diverting the news hounds yet again.

Ted’s indictment lands Alaskans in the sticky goo we’ve slobbed around in since before statehood. We’ll make our own way, the rest of you be damned – except that we need a healthy infusion of federal cash now and then, and buddying up to the oil companies is in everyone’s best interest…isn’t it?

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