It’s somehow appropriate as the huge midnight parties are gearing up for Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn (2.4 million copies? 4 million copies? I have trouble with these big numbers.), Oprah is kicking off her list of 100 recommended reads for kids.

I have nothing personal against Oprah. I like what she did with Eckhart Tolle, and her staffers consulted ALA for the kid list. But there’s this issue – eloquently and thoroughly explored by my brother in Revolt of the Mass Cult – of replacing though-provoking commentary with “read this because everyone is.”

But back to Breaking Dawn. It’s coming later and later here – and I don’t mean the book. Today I do believe a tear may have slipped from my eye as I watched little gold leaves flutter from the birch tree to the ground.

Yikes. What happened to summer?

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