On Your Mark. Get Set. Post!

49 Writers envisions “a vibrant community of Alaskan writers
coming together to inspire, create, and share.” While that vision informs all our
mission-driven pursuits, it doubles as a pretty great description of this blog,
All sorts of 49 Writers programs and events have grown over
time out of the steady, consistent, and galvanizing energy around this blog. Since
Deb and Andromeda started
it collaboratively
more than seven years ago, before the 49 Writers
organization was born, we’ve logged almost
2,000 posts.  
As a program, this blog is one relatively simple
way to serve writers and readers across the entire state of Alaska. Maybe there’s
a Gary Larson-esque cartoon to be sketched having to do with loner writers “building
community” via distance on the web. Or maybe not, since we accomplish plenty
of face-to-face time, too. In any case, I’ve experienced this blog’s de-strangerizing
ways firsthand, and have seen how it spurs conversations and ideas—through
online comments and back channels and private headspaces alike. It also comes
in handy as a guilt-free procrastination distraction when the blank page stares
back a little too fiercely.

So, dear reader—when’s the last time you wrote something for
this blog? Some of you have written piles of posts, some a stray post or two,
and some of you haven’t even considered it. Some blog features are pretty straightforward: i
f you’re a current or former Alaskan who has published a book, hit up our Spotlight on Alaska Books. Or, if you’d like to submit something short, creative, and polished, maybe Alaska Shorts would be a good fit. I’d also be curious what posts have stuck with long-time readers over the years, too—no doubt some of them warrant a second look.  

We’ve been lucky to entreat upon a great
many guest bloggers, including our monthly series of featured writers who each
blog weekly here for a month. While that can be quite a commitment, I invite
you to get in touch even if you’d like to write a single post. 
While I’m glad to simply be here with you, I’d love to also hear from you. This forum is what we make it, together. Check out our guidelines
and don’t be shy.  
– Jeremy 
49 Writers members gather in Juneau, December 2014.

2 thoughts on “On Your Mark. Get Set. Post!”

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Funny you mention it. I'm one of the people who has posted but very sporadically. One of my posts was an account of my experiences during a tour to promote the anthology of northern wildlife stories I edited. That book tour (and the blog post) yielded raw material for an essay, which will be published this fall in my new collection. This is a strange Escher-esque twist on life creating art creating life and more art. I guess what I'm saying is don't underestimate the post as its own literary form. (I don't know if people do; I for one certainly have.)

    Michael Engelhard

  2. Yes, funny how that works. Several books have grown out of blog archives…. Looking forward to reading Ice Bear next winter!

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