Andromeda: Photos from the David Vann talk at Metro Books

I think anyone who attended last Thursday’s 49 Writers-sponsored talk by David Vann at Metro Music and Books will agree: we never expected that a guy who writes about suicide and murder-suicide to be so darn gregarious and funny! David Vann was a great speaker, and we can’t wait for his next book, Caribou Island, to come out in January 2011.

Spotted at Glen Alps parking lot on Monday night: David Vann being escorted by Don Rearden and his wife into the backcountry with mountain bikes. Good job showing the visiting writer around, Don!

Spotted at the house of blogger Shannyn Moore on Thursday night after the Metro talk: David Vann and Joe McGinniss, also with Jeanne Devon aka the blogger-founder of “Mudflats,” musing on Alaska politics and swapping tales of sunken boats while drinking a red wine labeled “Irony.”
Also on David’s travel route over the weekend: visiting Seldovia for two hours to take part in a library event.
No one can accuse David of wasting a single minute in Alaska. We hope his continued interest in the 49th state will inspire him to visit again and again.
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