Andromeda: A long, great weekend and lots of thanks

At the risk of piling up lots of photos in one day of posting, here are just a few shots from the incredible retreat at Tutka Bay, which — thanks to the great instruction by David Vann and the incomparable hospitality of lodge owners Kirsten and Carl Dixon and staff — went off without a hitch. Classes were held in a WWII ship-turned crabbing boat called The Wigeon permanently hauled onto shore and outfitted with a Great Hall (aka Viking Hall). You simply must see this place. Thanks to logistical and programming expert Deb and registrar Louise for their great work and all 15 of the participants for being such an interesting and easygoing batch of people, with whom we enjoyed lots of learning, feasting, and hot-tubbing.
The question on everyone’s lips, once it was confirmed that Kirsten was keeping an eye out for stowaways : When do we get to go back and do it all again?

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