Postscript from Emily Wall

A couple of weeks ago guest blogger Emily Wall of Juneau talked about the importance of being less afraid and to be willing to just ask. She shared a poem that William Stafford had written about meeting her when she had contacted him as a young student. She also told us that she had taken the bold move of sending her new book of poetry, Liveaboard, to Terry Tempest Williams, whom she had long admired.

Emily contacted us the other day with the following update:

P.S. A Happy Ending

I woke up at 4:00 am this morning to write and saw that my husband had dumped last night’s mail on the table where I work. As I quickly sorted through it, I came across a thick white envelope addressed to me. Flipping it over, I read the return address which was headed: Terry Tempest Williams. As I opened the envelope, I realized that I was holding my breath. Could it really be? What would she say? Inside was a beautiful card with a fierce owl on it, and a very kind note from Terry about my book and my work. She signed the note “in sisterhood.” As you can imagine, this almost brought me to tears. I’m pinning this card up over my desk to remind me to take risks. And I hope you will as well. Sometimes, they result in fierce owls and sweet sisterhood.

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  1. Beautiful! I'm so glad to hear the rest of the story, Emily – though I didn't comment after your initial post, the message definitely resonated. I can well imagine the power of that owl above your desk. May we all be so empowered by our audacious risks.

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