Sarah Palin gets her book deal

I’m still recovering mentally from my relatively minor 2007 book tour. All that travel, talk prep, a few radio shows, prepublicity, postpublicity, endless emails for weeks (months?) before the tour and follow-up after. Whether you get a crowd or nobody shows, it’s still a heckuva lotta work. I got my first batch of gray hairs.

Did I mention that writing the actual book took a little time, too?

But our governor has always managed to live several different lives at once. According to today’s news headlines, she’ll be paid something like $11 million (she won’t say how much, exactly) to whip out a book by 2010, which means the manuscript will be written primarily — what, this summer? Well, good thing manic Alaska summer has gotten an early start this year.

You can point out she’ll be leaning heavily on a ghostwriter, but she’ll still be logging a lot of hours — all off the gubernatorial clock, she claims. And then there’s the promotion, which in this humble writer’s opinion, will take more time than the authoring. The Anchorage Daily News reports Sarah saying, “I really look forward to promoting the book. My goal of course is to have a best seller and, schedule permitting, when it comes out we’ll discuss with publishers how and where and when I will be promoting it.”

I’m starting to understand the Republican position on “limited” government. If you’re a politician with lots of other hobbies and sideline vocations, it makes sense to espouse the view that you shouldn’t be overly involved in affairs of state.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin gets her book deal”

  1. i read that yesterday in agerman magazine that i check every morning. lets hope that mrs palin or her ghostwriter can write!

  2. Pretty safe bet that the guv can’t write…hopefully the ghostwriter at least gets a fair shake. Don, no manuscript shredding. I’m thinking of a couple of fun little 49 writers contests: how many copies in the first printing? how many will sell?

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