Spotlight on Alaska Books: Baxter Bog Interlude, by Arne Bue

Arvad Winstor slipped into his parka and gloves and left the

of his condo to wander about on one of the coldest nights of
the year, seething and angry, not looking around. He went about two hundred
yards before hearing through his hood an odd rumbling noise plainly loud enough
to interrupt the fuming in his head, and he stopped, thinking the sound must
have come from near the trees off the trail. 
Often he’d walked these snow trails taking in the northern
lights, and often he’d visited here in the summers procuring environmental data
for Kollarhond and Smith, the thankless bastards.  They should treat environmental analysts
better, he thought, even if he was only grade one.
A lingering shape leisurely etched itself in among the
and after awhile in the lights and shadows shifting about
could make out a thick neck and ...(Baxter Bog Interlude, by
Arne L. Bue)
LifeData doesn’t like field biologist Arvad Winstor looking
into the company’s secret experiment because they hope to sell altered microbes
to corporations to use in cleaning oil spills on oceans and shorelines.  They claim the microbes harmless.  But when a moose is shot slurping the brains
from a dog’s crushed skull, Winstor believes the experiment has gone awry.  A body is found not far from his condo.  He forms a relationship with the rather
unusually attractive Emily.  Together
they seek an end.  A nonstop thriller
about microbes, mosquitoes, moose, madness, and murder.
“Bue’s … strength is in his storytelling.. he writes
good, suspenseful action scenes that keep his plot moving and the reader
engaged.”  Jan O’Meara, Homer News
“… an Extremely interesting book…”  Norma Goodman, The Norma Goodman Show
“…[Bue’s]… plot … overlaps and leads to an often
meticulous … piece of detective work.” Don Pacis, Philippine News, San
“… a glimpse into the subconscious mind of author
Arne L. Bue.”  Debbie Briscoe, Chugiak-Eagle
“Once I picked up this fast-moving mystery/adventure, I
couldn’t put it down…” Ted Leonard, North Pole Independent
A member of 49 Writers, Arne Bue is a lifelong Alaskan.  He writes near Baxter Bog in Anchorage,
To acquire an autographed Trade Paperback version, very few
left: email Arne Bue.
An electronic version may be acquired here: Smashwords
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