Springtime: Beginnings and Change

We Alaskans tune into weather, seasons, subtle shifts in
light, and most recently, the dramatic arrival of Spring. Change is in the air
– you can smell, see, and feel it. What will you do with your extra hours of
Here at 49 Writers, summer is a time to plan, reflect on our
past year, and map out fall programs. It’s a natural time for change.
Poet and 49 Writers Executive Director Erin Coughlin Hollowell has garnered
just about every award/grant that Alaska offers. She’s done an excellent job as
the administrator of our organization. First and foremost, she’s a poet and needs
time to write. We’re sad to announce Erin is stepping down from her position so
she can write more but look forward to reading her new work.
Thank you, Erin, for sharing your talent with us, and for
working with us over many weeks to ensure a positive transition! We wish you
the best as a writer and in your new part-time job (fewer hours than
shepherding an ever-growing, state-wide organization) at Storyknife – a new writer’s retreat for women
in Homer.
We’ve decided to appoint Jeremy Pataky, current Board President
and founding board member, as Interim Executive Director of 49 Writers. Along
with being a published poet and writer, Jeremy earned a Certificate in
Nonprofit Management from the Foraker Group. He served as the Executive
Director of the Wrangell Mountains Center for nearly five years, where he led a
major, successful capital campaign, forged enduring partnerships, established
new programs, and grew the budget and staff.
Jeremy has worked as a consultant for the last few years and
has coordinated the Rasmuson Foundation Artist Residency Program since 2013.
We’re thrilled to have him at the helm during this transition period. Jeremy
will assume his new role on May 1st when he steps down from his
current board position. Stay tuned for exciting opportunities to help grow the
literary arts in Alaska!
Speaking of change, have you heard about the new instructor
for 49 Writers’ Tutka Bay Writers Retreat? Due to the birth of his first child,
Rick Moody won’t be able to travel this summer. Lucky for us, Lucky for us,
American Indian and American Book Award winner Debra Magpie Earling will lead this year’s retreat. Our retreats are held at Tutka Bay Wilderness Lodge,
one of a handful of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World. Early bird registration is open until May 1. 
Happy Spring!
Joan Pardes, Juneau
49 Writers Board Member  

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  1. Thanks to Erin for heartful leadership and to Jeremy for stepping up. We are in good hands!
    And great news about Earling coming North. I highly recommend her novel Perma Red.

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