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Andromeda: Writing as healing

Why do we write? Many answers to that question, but today’s focus: healing. I credit my writing group (hi Doug!) for sending this to my attention, and many newspaper readers will recognize it as well. This week, David Brooks wrote an NYT op-ed about Fanny Burney’s ghastly account of her 1811 mastectomy without anesthesia. What …

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Andromeda: MFA highlights and the perils of workshopping, with thoughts on Jeffrey Eugenides

I returned from my first MFA residency two weeks ago, but haven’t blogged about it: in part because we have so many great contributors who fill our pages; in part because I’m still processing what I experienced; in part because too much happened to cover in a single blogpost of reasonable length. (So she explained, …

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Are you showing yet?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted to tell everyone as soon as I took the drugstore test — in the bathroom of a Chinese restaurant, actually, because I was too impatient to drive home. And I didn’t regret telling people even in the next few weeks, when I had signs I …

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What fun to open Sunday’s Anchorage Daily News and find the front page of the Life and Arts section devoted almost entirely to Alaskan writers. There’s a great write-up, complete with photos, on Dan Coyle and his new book The Talent Code (you read about it here first, remember?). Oh, and there’s the reprint from …

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Our Children, Our Books Part III

Our Mother’s Day Special Concludes. Thanks to participants Eowyn Ivey, Cinthia Ritchie, Marybeth Holleman and Deb Vanasse; full bios are available at the end of Thursday’s Part I post. Having children has given me such a wealth of ideas and emotions to write about. What motherhood has taught me is that there is no perfect …

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Our Children, Our Books Part II

Our Mother’s Day Special Continues…See Thursday’s Part I for an explanation of how this roundrobin conversation started, and complete bios for Eowyn Ivey, Marybeth Holleman, Cinthia Ritchie, Deb Vanasse, and Andromeda Romano-Lax. I’m afraid I’ll censor myself… I imagined my own son googling me — oh dear Lord! I thought that was a little strange. …

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