Erin Hollowell

What Are Your Writing Rules?

It’s such a fraught topic, writing rules. Some writers are adamantly against them, feeling that establishing such guidelines is unnecessarily restrictive. Others clasp their writing rules to their chests as if they’ve been stipulated by a burning bush; they need those sideboards to give structure to their writing practice. My writing rules tend to boil …

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A Story That Could Be True

I’ve been listening all weekend at the Danger Close: Alaska workshop. I have so much respect for writers learning to offer their heart connections in the most perfect words possible. Stories passed from heart to heart. A Story That Could Be True If you were exchanged in the cradle and your real mother died
 without …

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Grammar is Your Friend

Want to make yourself unpopular? Correct someone’s grammar. And yet, for a writer, grammar isn’t just making sure you’ve got the right their-there-they’re, it’s about understanding how sentence structure and punctuation can be used to make your writing more effective. My students have often jumped to point out e e cummings’s lack of adherence to …

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Remembering Eva Saulitis

Alaskan writer and poet, Eva Saulitis passed away this weekend. Eva has touched almost every writer in the state in one way or another, through her writing, her teaching, her kindness, her support, her example of living completely and authentically. On Saturday, I watched as people grappled with her passing by posting memories on Facebook, …

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How to Start Off a New Year

Are you like me? Will you continue to write 2015 as part of the date for the first three months of 2016? Sometimes it’s difficult to ease into a change, even a good one. Here at 49 Writers, we’re pretty excited about all of the events and classes and projects we have in store for …

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Looking Forward to 2016!

Each year, I spend the week between the winter holidays and New Year’s Eve reflecting on the year that is passing and preparing for the year that is coming up. I make sure that I take time to really consider the answers to the following questions: What do I want to let go of? What …

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Bring Back the Light!

When I lived in the Lower-48, solstice didn’t mean all that much to me or anyone else that I knew. But now that I live where the dawns of December come late and the sunsets come early, I’m exquisitely attuned to when that light/dark ratio will start to slide back towards brightness. For me, solstice …

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Four Elements of a Daily Writing Page in William Stafford’s Practice

The following essay was written by Kim Stafford, the poet William Stafford’s son. Kim is an amazing author and teacher in his own right, and if you haven’t read either Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening and Other Pleasures of the Writer’s Craft, or 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do: A Memoir, I suggest you correct that error …

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