Risktaking and gatekeepers

Alaskans are innovators. Risk-takers. Maybe even opportunists. We’re not afraid of change. (I refuse, however, to embrace the M word, leaving maverick to the Texans, the occasional Arizonian, and Alaskans with large political aspirations.) Stereotypes aside, I think there’s a fair pile of evidence behind these assertions. Indigenous Alaskans are ingenious, master of developing and …

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“Black Wednesday” in Publishing: How does if affect you?

The news is everywhere, and it’s grim. Yesterday, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publisher and v-p Becky Saletan quit abruptly. Today, more firings and layoffs at HMH, Simon and Schuster, and elsewhere were announced, as was a massive restructuring at Random House, affecting a complex web of imprints. Oh yeah — and locally, poor forecasts for Alaska …

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Endure Part II

Oh, irony of ironies. After talking about the endurance needed in order to write and be published, I spent today reading an article that makes everything look even darker than I thought. (Note, if you’re not interested in publishing economics, stop reading; I promise a return to the subject of Alaska books next week.) Somehow, …

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