Your Turn: What are you reading (online)?

A day off work, hallelujah. There are family calls to make, a checkbook to balance, unfinished books waiting to be read and a sad and dusty cello sitting in the corner. But a quick post first, for those who might come looking over the holidays…

Bill’s mention of Facebook (“Wastebook” as bikegirl called it) and some of our comments about avoiding online distraction made me realize something I’d overlooked: that although I’d been super-distracted by blogs and websites a year ago, I’ve now swung to the reverse position. Now, there are only perhaps two or three blogs I check regularly. More often, when I want a dose of online writerly inspiration, I’ll google something (“kafka’s cockroach” for example — more on that another day).

What am I missing? What do you find worth reading? Where have you stopped clicking? (Example: a year ago I couldn’t stop reading about publishing news, but I’ve taken a break from that lately.) How have your online reading habits changed in 2009?

Don’t forget to mention any Alaska-specific sites you may have discovered that we have missed.

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  1. I read Nathan Bransford Literary Agent blog as well as Editorial Ass/Moonrat, and Janet Reid Literary Agent.

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