Andromeda: A furnished fantasy at 415 L Street

I’m fantasizing of the time this fall when I will hide away from my daily cares and lodge away from home in order to spend a few days writing and revising — and I think I’ve found the perfect, affordable place. Oh, wait. It’s not some hotel a few hours north of town. It’s our own Raven Place! (And because I’m a member, I’ll get 10% off nightly rates…)

OK, that was a silly lead-in, but I’m typing this near midnight after a day of overseeing Scanhome deliveries and Wal-mart expeditions and shopping for things like wineglasses and curtain rods. But see how awesome this place looks, and we’re not even done yet! I wanted to post the photos here because many of you will see this room 10 days from now, full of chairs and writers, in complete “49” mode, with no bed or bright red throw pillows in sight. And, by contrast, guesthouse guests (we’ve had our first rental inquiries and bookings) will see this place in leisure mode, with no idea of how it looks set up for a get-serious-and-write workshop.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping, writing, meeting, and contributing. Your notes and assistance have been so encouraging!

And now, we return to our regular blog programming.

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