Andromeda: I need your inspiring writing quotes!

Constructing a new website for the writing center, and I’d like to have some quotes about writing that refresh each time one visits.

Here’s a quote that’s been hanging on my bookcase for years: “You should have the feeling, as every experienced writer has, that there are more ideas where that one came from, and that you are inexhaustible as long as you are alive.” Patricia Highsmith, author of Talented Mr. Ripley

Do you have some favorites? Anything about writing, the writing life, a love of reading — whatever will inspire visitors to our writing center site. Please make sure to include attribution. Send to with “quotations” in the subject line. Inundate me, please!

1 thought on “Andromeda: I need your inspiring writing quotes!”

  1. dirtywhitecandy

    You have to know the world of your novel as intimately as you know your own life.
    (Nobody famous, just me.. An artist friend was asking me how writers keep track of everything in their novels. I kind of surprised myself with a short answer instead of a long one!)

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