Bikegirl wins first weekly prize

She was awake, she was ready, she won the prize. Thanks, Rose, and don’t forget to email me at to claim your choice of coffee card, Title Wave gift certificate, or signed paperback.

I encourage everyone else to continue leaving comments (you can post them in relevant places after any blog item or after this one!) in order to be eligible for the next drawing. Here is your chance to tell me: what else you’d like to read about in this blog, whether you prefer your author interviews long or short (and which Alaska authors you’d most like to see interviewed so we can track them down for you), what you think of book reviewing today (especially in Alaska), what great Alaska books you’ve read lately, what you’d like me to share with you about writing and publishing… The list goes on and on. I’ve enjoyed your emails and promise to write about a few things you’ve already mentioned, like how to get an agent. Keep those suggestions coming.

3 thoughts on “Bikegirl wins first weekly prize”

  1. Andromeda,

    Thanks for starting this blog, providing an opportunity for us to learn firsthand about writing, publishing, etc. As an aspiring novelist, I am particularly interested in your experiences in selecting an agent. I’m sure an article about your trials and tribulations in having The Spanish Bow published would be interesting to many.

    Thanks again. –Larry

  2. Janelle Stenberg

    49 Writers, No Moose… I love it.

    Your picture in the paper caught my eye the other day and I was grateful because I wanted to check your blog but couldn’t remember the web address!

    Reading your blog makes me want to read more books. I have been a very lazy about reading lately. I seem to get distracted by my “hi-def” tv and “hi-speed” internet pretty easily. Normally I read light summer reads but now I know I need to expand my reading horizons and pick up a book that actually means something.

    I will be making a trip to titlewave in the very near future!

    Thanks Andromeda!


    p.s. your profile picture is beautiful!

  3. Janelle: your words are music to my ears. I want everyone to buy and read more books! Thanks for checking out this blog.

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