Get Ready to Vote: Stevens and Berkowitz on Books

49writers asked several top candidates to share what they’re reading and to our amazement, two of our busiest Alaskans answered! (Not that they had anything else to do this week.) To read more about the books via amazon, click on the links.

We’ll share any other answers that roll our way and we remind you, of course, to get out there and vote next Tuesday.

Ted Stevens, Republican, incumbent U.S. Senate
Last good book(s) read: THE LAST PATRIOT by Brad Thor
and AMERICA ALONE: The End of the World as We Know it by Mark Steyn
Favorite Alaska book: COMING INTO THE COUNTRY by John McPhee

His quote: “As Alaska prepares to celebrate the 50th year of statehood, I am encouraged by all the support and creativity Alaskan residents have displayed during this exciting time.”

Ethan Berkowitz, Democrat, candidate for U.S. House
Last good book read: THE SPANISH BOW by Andromeda Romano-Lax
Favorite Alaska book: ORDINARY WOLVES by Seth Kantner

His quote: “I’ve always loved reading, and it’s a real joy watching my kids learn to read. It’s an amazing present — you can see the world unwrap before your eyes.”

3 thoughts on “Get Ready to Vote: Stevens and Berkowitz on Books”

  1. S. Bishop Homer, Alaska

    Great topic. I’d like to read about all the other candidates favorite Alaska books.

  2. I asked all the major candidates; we’ll see if any other candidates who survive the primary find time to answer. Mark Begich has championed libraries and is a known book supporter. I know he’d have lots to say. Thanks for reading!

  3. Great idea! Ted Stevens’s choices are a little bit scary. I liked that Ethan Berkowitz’s picks included “The Spanish Bow”. It would be interesting if you also did Begich/Young books. :0 😉

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