Breaking News! Immortalize your pet and help a writer in need!

David Marusek sends this urgent request: he is auctioning a pet (yes, as in dog or cat kind of pet) cameo, to raise money for a writer in dire financial straits. The auction closes Sat. Dec. 13 at 11:47, so I had to post this quickly! Short explanation here, or link to David’s blog for all the info. I’m a sucker for fundraisers that help writers.

From David Marusek:

I am selling one pet cameo in an upcoming story or novel. Here’s how I described it for the auction:

You can immortalize your pet in a literary work! For awhile now I’ve been offering pet cameos at auction for local non-profits. My novel, Mind Over Ship (Tor, Jan. 20 2009) includes two dogs who each fetched over $100 for the Fairbanks Symphony Association auction. The auction winner sends me a photo and a little bio sketch of their pet, and I’ll fit the pet by name and description into an upcoming story or novel. In the past some of these animals have taken part at critical plot points!For Vera’s auction I’ll donate one pet cameo. Can be pretty much any kind of animal. If it lives with you I should be able to fit it in. (Alternatively, I can do a cameo of your favorite boat, car, country estate, etc. No living people please).

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  1. A big thanks to Andromeda and her blog for helping me triple the winning bid on my pet cameo. It went for $210–yoohoo!

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