Fairbanks author Debbie Miller reports from Boston, where she’s doing school visits – the children’s author’s version of a book tour. In the works, she has:

Survival at 40 Below: Life in the Arctic: illustrated by Jon Van Zyle. (Walker, 2010) This picture book explores the unusual adaptations of animals that live above the Arctic Circle including the Arctic ground squirrel, wood frog, Alaska blackfish, musk ox, caribou, chickadee, and willow ptarmigan.

Wild Moments: a new anthology edited by Michael Englehard (University of Alaska Press, 2009) This is a collection of essays by many nature writers from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Each essay relates to a meaningful encounter with a wild animal. Debbie’s essay, “Glad Singer”, focuses on the American Dipper, the only aquatic songbird in North America. Other Alaska authors in this collection include Richard Nelson, Nancy Lord, Peggy Schumaker, Carolyn Servid, and Hank Lentfer. This one comes out in February.

Thanks, Debbie, for checking in.

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