Six Week Giveaway Starts Monday: Rules Here … Plus how to leave comments

Prizes: Your choice of $20 Kaladi coffee card, $20 Title Wave gift certificate (which can be used in Anchorage store or redeemed over the phone for book orders to be mailed), or a copy of my novel, THE SPANISH BOW, now in paperback (personalized, if you’d like).

How to enter: The first person to comment on Monday Aug. 25 wins automatically. After that, each time you comment on the blog (as often as you’d like, as long as comments are appropriate and relevant to something on the blog) you get entered again for the week. A random drawing will be done on each Monday starting September 1 and continuing through September 29. If you are averse to online commenting, you can drop me a one-time email at with appropriate feedback to the blog for a single-time entry.

How to leave comments: For newbies (as I was, until just weeks ago), a few tips, thanks to one visitor who said they’d be helpful. Click on comments at the end of the post. You’ll be given four options for signing the comment — number 2 and 4 are best. For #2, sign up for Google/Blogger (you’ll get a name and password) and you’ll be able to use that for all future comments. For #4, under name/url, just leave the name you want known; your url (website address) is not necessary. If you have a problem, email me.

Who may enter: Anyone! Friends, colleagues, strangers, you name it. I’d enter if I could, but I can’t.

How to identify yourself and how to know if you won: Don’t leave personal info like email or address on your comment. I’ll announce the username of the visitor who won each week and that person can email me privately. This means you will have to check back somewhat regularly to see if you won.

If this goes well: if I can prove significant visitation, I’ll look for sponsors to provide more prizes. So, let’s go! Spread the word to your favorite book lovers!

5 thoughts on “Six Week Giveaway Starts Monday: Rules Here … Plus how to leave comments”

  1. Ok Andromeda. The word is out to our Alaska Writers Guild. Wishing you interesting times with the blog and your writing career. Enjoyed “The Killer Hill” in The Press. Mighty small print for these old eyes but discernible none the less. May it go well with you. Jim Misko

  2. The other writers must be procrastinating today. I thought for certain there would be several comments stacked up before me. I’m ready to start making relevant comments.

  3. Thanks, Rose, and you win the first prize! I think people are just shy about leaving comments, because they visit and they email, but they don’t post. I think (hope) that will change. Now, I THINK I might know which Rose this is (biking and books = the Rose I know from Huffman) but in any case, please email me at to specify your prize choice (Kaladi, Title Wave, or paperback) and let me know where I can mail it. Thanks!

  4. Melissa @ The Inspired Room

    Good for you on starting a blog! It takes time to build up comments but it will happen! Most people are lurkers!


  5. I’ve never posted on a blog before, but this since this one is about books and Alaska…who could resist?! 🙂 Thanks for starting an Alaskan literary blog.

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