Erin Hollowell

A Small Promise

Welcome to the busiest time of the year. The stretch between Thanksgiving and the end of the year is always filled with more responsibility (either festive or otherwise) and more distraction. It would be easy to dismiss the entire month of December as a “do not write zone.” Sure, if you just finished NaNoWriMo and …

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Filling Your Bucket

Last March I finished up the revisions of my second poetry manuscript, and for some time afterwards I felt like an empty bucket. All those poems had been filling the bucket, sloshing around, creating new poems by some sort of mysterious intricate crystallization process.  But now, the poems had been poured out onto the page …

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Those Who Can, Teach

I’ll admit that I never really nailed all of the grammar rules until I became a high school English teacher.  I firmly believe that the best way to learn something deeply is to teach it to someone else. Good teachers spend time considering their subject from all angles, pulling it apart, and putting it back …

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A half hour each day

Two-hundred and sixty-five single-spaced pages in 11 point Helvetica font, one inch margins. 170,743 words. These are the statistics of my 2015 journal. The one that I write in each morning for precisely a half hour. I set a timer. Why am I telling you this? Most novels clock in somewhere between 75,000 and 125,000 …

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Erin Hollowell: A Family Affair

One month. I’ve been Executive Director of 49 Writers for one month. During that time, I’ve been tasked with updating our database. Transferring the information from one donor management software that was no longer available into another. It doesn’t sound like a sexy job does it? It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, spending …

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