You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

That’s actually a slight misquote of what the ever-earnest Sally Field said at the 1985 Academy Award ceremony, but it’s how we all remember it, and even she has parodied the line.
So, anyway — you do like me, or rather, you really like 49 writers! Thank you for taking the first survey, which confirmed you think we’re on the right track and you appreciate what we do.

Your favorite features are about Alaska books (95%), as well as personal musings or commentaries (90%), though the numbers were fairly well spread out, which tells us you like a mix, and that’s what we’ll keep doing. You also appreciate the sense of community fostered by the blog (75% said that).
You want more events and opportunities listings and a reliable calendar that can become THE go-to place for Alaska readers and writers. Heard ya’ — doing it! And we’ll need your help to keep the listings current. Please send all announcments after Jan. 1 to Deb Vanasse, who will put them into the Friday Alaskan Authors Roundup; we’ll both keep a calendar of listings running at the bottom of the blog.

You don’t care that much about contests. (We’ll still try to do one every few months, but thanks for giving our wallets a rest.)
Other comments that warmed my heart included:
You are just fine as is. Would hate to see you become like someone else.
You’re great the way you are–an original and fun-to-read and informative blog

I like opportunities for lots of folks to weigh in on writing issues/questions, because I like to hear how other writers are dealing with some of those issues.

It’s a super blog, and one I find myself checking several times a week. Just keep it up. You have a good mix of material, and you’re great at updating it regularly. I wouldn’t mind more recommendations about other websites, blogs etc. in the publishing industry, but I do enjoy the ones you already recommend. Thanks!

You’re doing a great job, Andromeda, keep it up. And congrats on getting some blogging help, to prevent burnout (I hope).
Amen to that.

2 thoughts on “You Like Me, You Really Like Me!”

  1. Omigosh–contests–of course, the annual writing/broadcasting/video/photo contest from Alaska Professional Communicators (formerly Alaska Press Women), and winners from here go to the National Federation of Press Women finals. 78 categories, including fiction and non-fiction!! Please put this in any calendar of Alaska writing events!

  2. Andromeda Romano-Lax

    Thanks Kay, we love your comments! I’ll get that added to the calendar. (We are still trying to make the calendar look better, but we’re working on it.)

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