Your Turn: Success!

Since we’re first and foremost a community here at 49 Writers, we thought we’d end the year with two “Your Turn” features.

Today: As a writer, which particular success has been most meaningful for you this year? Maybe it’s something big, like finishing a book or signing with an agent or publishing a project. But it doesn’t have to be. Maybe your success feels small, but it matters, even if no one but you recognizes it (yet!).

Come on, now. Don’t be shy. We’re friends here – we don’t mind if you brag a little.

Use the comments feature to share a success you’ve enjoyed as a writer this year.

5 thoughts on “Your Turn: Success!”

  1. Yay, Louise! I know it will be a great book.

    I have published three books this year, with Prism Book Group.

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